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Judicial Reform and Legal Training

The African judiciary is the most important actor in the struggle to establish more inclusive democracies, stable multi-ethnic societies diverse and tolerant, and open and effective legal institutions committed to upholding the rule of law. Our research program in this area will investigate, among other issues, how to free judges from the influence of the executive and legislative arms of government, how to root out corruption in the judiciary, how to restore civil society confidence in the processes and results of judicial decision-making and how to enhance the position of judges to assist in nurturing and cultivating the rule of law in Africa.

The training component of this research program would help ensure that African judges are able to carry out their duties with the highest standard of professionalism and integrity. To facilitate the latter, a Judicial Training Center will be established on the continent to train judges and to help meet other local needs. In country training by the Institute will be provided as and when necessary.


Judicial Reform and Legal Training

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