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The Africa Law Institute is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The main role of our directors is to develop and implement the programs, policies and activities of the Institute. Our directors also perform the usual functions of boards for other non-profit organizations. In particular, they ensure that ALawI’s mission is carried out in an efficient, transparent and cost-effective manner and that accountability and fundraising for the organization’s operations take place.

The directors of the Institute also benefit from the wealth of experience and expertise provided by the distinguished members of our Board of Advisors. Among other things, our volunteer advisors help the directors define and achieve specific objectives related to ALawI’s mission. They also provide strategic advice, intellectual guidance, moral and other support to the Institute’s Board of Directors. The advisors are drawn from a list of eminent legal and social science scholars on the basis of their professional achievement, expertise in different areas of law and justice issues and or demonstrated interest in the improvement of the law and Africa.

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